About Us

The Hartwell Collection

I am a Psychic Medium who has been collecting video evidence of the after-life. I did this in great detail for my own personal interests and to share with friends and family. In time it began to become very evident that Spirits are quite comfortable with manifesting, being, communicating and playing in my presence. And now that I have collected so much extraordinary evidence I would love to share it. C'mon, ghost stuff is cool.


The Hartwell Collection Presentations are truly unique and informative for those who've never had a ghostly encounter and for those who are experienced with the paranormal - you will witness things most people would normally never see in a lifetime. 

About the pic of the Blue Orb

An incredible Blue Orb that appeared after giving a reading to the person you can see at the bottom of the pic. The full video clip of the manifestation and morphing of this Beautiful Orb and others can be seen in the first Hartwell Collection Presentation titled "Miss you all"