Jeanies Story

Jeanies Grandmother


Approximately 30 yrs ago, I was lucky to have had the opportunity to study under a 5th Generation Medical Qi Gong Master from China. The treatment requires me to tap into Universal Energy and to connect with a persons energy as well, much like the way I connect when giving readings as a Psychic Medium.

I was giving Jeanie a Qi Gong Therapy Treatment on a Thursday afternoon in March of 2017.  I  felt the presence of her Grandmother and intuitively stopped what I was doing and turned on my cell phone video camera. I pointed it to the ceiling above Jeanie who was laying on the treatment table and witnessed some truly amazing footage. 

I watched in amazement as I proceeded to record a wispy cloud that crawled across the ceiling and then up into it. A large Orb descended from the ceiling in the same area the cloud had disappeared into, and what happened next is not only so cool to watch but also very informative for those experienced in the paranormal field.

The Orb pic you see to the right is a still shot from the video I took that day. The video also includes incredible footage of Jeanie's Grandmother appearing and looking down at Jeanie while she was laying on the treatment table.

This is by far my favorite video of all time. A true testament of a loving Grandmother gifting her Granddaughter who had stage four cancer with video evidence of her caring presence and proving through her manifestation, that, as she still exists - so too will Jeanie. The video evidence comforted Jeanie in ways we can only imagine, this awesome and memorable experience was for her.

I am humbled and honored to have participated in such a beautiful experience and to be able to present this video in the first Hartwell Collection Presentation titled "Miss you all"