About finding apparitions in the pics below


How it works

 Just scroll down to the section below and place your cursor on the picture and Click. When you do you'll see arrow heads appearing on the left and right side of the picture. Click on the right arrow head to go forward or the left arrow head to go in reverse.   

Challenge your skills

Below is a photo gallery where you'll find three pictures of apparitional manifestations. The only clues I'll give you are - there is one with a portion of the upper body, one with a partial head and one with the entire face. The photos are in order of level of difficulty.. Good Luck !!!

About the pic on the left / Above on your cell phone screen

Spirit Energy can morph from an Orb slow and methodically or even manifest out of thin air in a flash.  When observing apparitional energies like this, you may find yourself pondering the possibilities of many things that are only limited to the extent of your own imagination.

Throughout The Hartwell Collection Presentations you'll watch as these energies communicate and  express themselves in a variety of creative ways - I never tire of watching these amazing videos.